The School Supply Guys

Helping PB county kids...


Crippled by budget cuts and a lack of funding, a growing number of schools are facing a serious shortage of supplies. Our local schools lack basic items such as pencils and paper and these shortages present a serious challenge for teachers and can lower the quality of education children receive. Thats where the local community can help with a donation of items or monetary contributions. For as little as $6.00, you can help a child have a brighter future.

A little about us...

Basic Items Like

  1. 1.Pencils

  2. 2.Notebook Paper

  3. 3.Glue

  4. 4.Crayons

  5. 5.Markers

  6. 6.Folders

  7. 7.Spiral Notebooks

  8. 8.Rulers

The problems that “Our” communities face

Each year we participate in local community events and operate concessions selling sand art and colorful light-up ‘blinky’ toys to help raise funds to buy supplies.  One hundred percent of the profits from these events go to support our school supply donation efforts.

Raising Money

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